DateTimeFormatInfo.GetDayName(DayOfWeek) DateTimeFormatInfo.GetDayName(DayOfWeek) DateTimeFormatInfo.GetDayName(DayOfWeek) Method


현재 DateTimeFormatInfo 개체와 연결된 문화권에 기반하여 지정된 요일의 문화권별 전체 이름을 반환합니다.Returns the culture-specific full name of the specified day of the week based on the culture associated with the current DateTimeFormatInfo object.

 System::String ^ GetDayName(DayOfWeek dayofweek);
public string GetDayName (DayOfWeek dayofweek);
member this.GetDayName : DayOfWeek -> string

매개 변수

DayOfWeek DayOfWeek DayOfWeek

DayOfWeek 값입니다.A DayOfWeek value.


dayofweek로 나타나는 요일의 문화권별 전체 이름입니다.The culture-specific full name of the day of the week represented by dayofweek.


dayofweek는 유효한 DayOfWeek 값이 아닙니다.dayofweek is not a valid DayOfWeek value.


기본 불변 DateTimeFormatInfo 개체에서 문자열을 반환 하는이 메서드는 GregorianCalendar 개체입니다.For the default invariant DateTimeFormatInfo object, this method returns a string from the GregorianCalendar object.

dayofweek 반환 값Return Value
일요일Sunday "Sunday""Sunday"
MondayMonday "Monday""Monday"
화요일Tuesday "화요일""Tuesday"
수요일Wednesday "Wednesday""Wednesday"
목요일Thursday "Thursday""Thursday"
금요일Friday "금요일""Friday"
토요일Saturday "Saturday""Saturday"

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