PackagePart.GetRelationshipsByType(String) PackagePart.GetRelationshipsByType(String) PackagePart.GetRelationshipsByType(String) PackagePart.GetRelationshipsByType(String) Method


지정 된 일치 하는 관계의 컬렉션을 반환 RelationshipType합니다.Returns a collection of the relationships that match a specified RelationshipType.

 System::IO::Packaging::PackageRelationshipCollection ^ GetRelationshipsByType(System::String ^ relationshipType);
public System.IO.Packaging.PackageRelationshipCollection GetRelationshipsByType (string relationshipType);
member this.GetRelationshipsByType : string -> System.IO.Packaging.PackageRelationshipCollection
Public Function GetRelationshipsByType (relationshipType As String) As PackageRelationshipCollection

매개 변수

String String String String

RelationshipType 컬렉션에서 찾아서 반환할 관계의 합니다.The RelationshipType of the relationships to locate and return in the collection.


지정 된 일치 하는 관계의 컬렉션 relationshipType합니다.A collection of the relationships that match the specified relationshipType.


relationshipTypenull인 경우relationshipType is null.

relationshipType이 빈 문자열인 경우relationshipType is an empty string.

부분 삭제 되었습니다.The part has been deleted.

또는-or- 합니다 Package 열려 있지 않습니다 (Dispose(Boolean) 또는 Close() 호출한).The Package is not open (Dispose(Boolean) or Close() has been called).

패키지가 쓰기 전용인 (관계 정보를 읽을 수 없습니다.).The package is write-only (relationship information cannot be read).


반환된 된 컬렉션은 null하지만, 관계가 없으면 지정 된 일치 하는 경우 컬렉션 요소가 포함 될 수 있습니다 relationshipType 파트에 대해 정의 되는 합니다.The returned collection is never null; however, the collection might contain zero elements if no relationships match the specified relationshipType that is defined for the part.

선행 또는 후행 공백은 relationshipType 문자열을 자동으로 잘립니다.Any leading or trailing spaces in the relationshipType string are automatically trimmed.

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