Enumerable.ToArray(IEnumerable<TSource>) Enumerable.ToArray(IEnumerable<TSource>) Enumerable.ToArray(IEnumerable<TSource>) Enumerable.ToArray(IEnumerable<TSource>) Method


IEnumerable<T>을 사용하여 배열을 만듭니다.Creates an array from a IEnumerable<T>.

generic <typename TSource>
 static cli::array <TSource> ^ ToArray(System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable<TSource> ^ source);
public static TSource[] ToArray<TSource> (this System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<TSource> source);
static member ToArray : seq<'Source> -> 'Source[]
Public Function ToArray(Of TSource) (source As IEnumerable(Of TSource)) As TSource()

형식 매개 변수


source 요소의 형식입니다.The type of the elements of source.

매개 변수


배열을 만드는 데 사용할 IEnumerable<T>입니다.An IEnumerable<T> to create an array from.



입력 시퀀스의 요소가 들어 있는 배열입니다.An array that contains the elements from the input sequence.



다음 코드 예제에 사용 하는 방법을 보여 줍니다. ToArray 즉시 쿼리 평가 및 결과의 배열을 반환 합니다.The following code example demonstrates how to use ToArray to force immediate query evaluation and return an array of results.

class Package
    public string Company { get; set; }
    public double Weight { get; set; }

public static void ToArrayEx1()
    List<Package> packages =
        new List<Package> 
            { new Package { Company = "Coho Vineyard", Weight = 25.2 },
              new Package { Company = "Lucerne Publishing", Weight = 18.7 },
              new Package { Company = "Wingtip Toys", Weight = 6.0 },
              new Package { Company = "Adventure Works", Weight = 33.8 } };

    string[] companies = packages.Select(pkg => pkg.Company).ToArray();

    foreach (string company in companies)

 This code produces the following output:

 Coho Vineyard
 Lucerne Publishing
 Wingtip Toys
 Adventure Works
Structure Package
    Public Company As String
    Public Weight As Double
End Structure

Sub ToArrayEx1()
    ' Create a list of Package values.
    Dim packages As New List(Of Package)(New Package() _
     {New Package With {.Company = "Coho Vineyard", .Weight = 25.2},
      New Package With {.Company = "Lucerne Publishing", .Weight = 18.7},
      New Package With {.Company = "Wingtip Toys", .Weight = 6.0},
      New Package With {.Company = "Adventure Works", .Weight = 33.8}})

    ' Project the Company values from each item in the list
    ' and put them into an array.
    Dim companies() As String =
    packages _
    .Select(Function(pkg) pkg.Company) _

    ' Display the results.
    Dim output As New System.Text.StringBuilder
    For Each company As String In companies
End Sub

' This code produces the following output:
' Coho Vineyard
' Lucerne Publishing
' Wingtip Toys
' Adventure Works


ToArray<TSource>(IEnumerable<TSource>) 메서드 쿼리를 즉시 평가 하 고 쿼리 결과 포함 하는 배열을 반환 합니다.The ToArray<TSource>(IEnumerable<TSource>) method forces immediate query evaluation and returns an array that contains the query results. 쿼리에 쿼리 결과의 캐시 된 복사본을 가져오기 위해이 메서드를 추가할 수 있습니다.You can append this method to your query in order to obtain a cached copy of the query results.

ToList 비슷한 동작 하지만 반환을 List<T> 배열 대신 합니다.ToList has similar behavior but returns a List<T> instead of an array.

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