AuthenticatedStream.IsAuthenticated 속성


인증이 성공했는지를 나타내는 Boolean 값을 가져옵니다.Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether authentication was successful.

 abstract property bool IsAuthenticated { bool get(); };
public abstract bool IsAuthenticated { get; }
member this.IsAuthenticated : bool
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property IsAuthenticated As Boolean

속성 값


인증이 성공하면 true이고, 그렇지 않으면 false입니다.true if successful authentication occurred; otherwise, false.


다음 예제에서는이 속성의 값을 표시 하는 방법을 보여 줍니다.The following example demonstrates displaying the value of this property.

// The following class displays the properties of an authenticatedStream.
public ref class AuthenticatedStreamReporter
   static void DisplayProperties( AuthenticatedStream^ stream )
      Console::WriteLine( L"IsAuthenticated: {0}", stream->IsAuthenticated );
      Console::WriteLine( L"IsMutuallyAuthenticated: {0}", stream->IsMutuallyAuthenticated );
      Console::WriteLine( L"IsEncrypted: {0}", stream->IsEncrypted );
      Console::WriteLine( L"IsSigned: {0}", stream->IsSigned );
      Console::WriteLine( L"IsServer: {0}", stream->IsServer );


// The following class displays the properties of an authenticatedStream.
public class AuthenticatedStreamReporter
    public static void DisplayProperties(AuthenticatedStream stream)
        Console.WriteLine("IsAuthenticated: {0}", stream.IsAuthenticated);
        Console.WriteLine("IsMutuallyAuthenticated: {0}", stream.IsMutuallyAuthenticated);
        Console.WriteLine("IsEncrypted: {0}", stream.IsEncrypted);
        Console.WriteLine("IsSigned: {0}", stream.IsSigned);
        Console.WriteLine("IsServer: {0}", stream.IsServer);
' The following class displays the properties of an AuthenticatedStream.
Public Class AuthenticatedStreamReporter
    Public Shared Sub DisplayProperties(stream As AuthenticatedStream)
        Console.WriteLine("IsAuthenticated: {0}", stream.IsAuthenticated)
        Console.WriteLine("IsMutuallyAuthenticated: {0}", stream.IsMutuallyAuthenticated)
        Console.WriteLine("IsEncrypted: {0}", stream.IsEncrypted)
        Console.WriteLine("IsSigned: {0}", stream.IsSigned)
        Console.WriteLine("IsServer: {0}", stream.IsServer)
    End Sub
End Class


인증을 수행 하기 위해 호출 하는 메서드는에서 상속 되는 클래스에 정의 됩니다 AuthenticatedStream .The methods called to perform authentication are defined in the classes that inherit from AuthenticatedStream.

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