BufferBlock<T>.IDataflowBlock.Fault(Exception) 메서드


Faulted 상태에서 IDataflowBlock가 완료되도록 합니다.Causes the IDataflowBlock to complete in a Faulted state.

 virtual void System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow.IDataflowBlock.Fault(Exception ^ exception) = System::Threading::Tasks::Dataflow::IDataflowBlock::Fault;
void IDataflowBlock.Fault (Exception exception);
abstract member System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow.IDataflowBlock.Fault : Exception -> unit
override this.System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow.IDataflowBlock.Fault : Exception -> unit
Sub Fault (exception As Exception) Implements IDataflowBlock.Fault

매개 변수


오류를 발생시킨 Exception입니다.The Exception that caused the faulting.



exceptionnull인 경우The exception is null.


Fault 데이터 흐름 블록에 대해 호출 하면 해당 블록이 완료 되 고 해당 Completion 태스크가 최종 상태로 전환 됩니다.After Fault has been called on a dataflow block, that block will complete, and its Completion task will enter a final state. 블록을 취소 하는 것 처럼 블록에 오류가 발생 하면 버퍼링 된 메시지 (처리 되지 않은 입력 메시지 및 unoffered 출력 메시지)가 손실 됩니다.Faulting a block, as with canceling a block, causes buffered messages (unprocessed input messages as well as unoffered output messages) to be lost.

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