Transaction.SetDistributedTransactionIdentifier(IPromotableSinglePhaseNotification, Guid) 메서드


비MSDTC 프로모터를 통해 생성된 분산 트랜잭션 식별자를 설정합니다.Sets the distributed transaction identifier generated by the non-MSDTC promoter.

 void SetDistributedTransactionIdentifier(System::Transactions::IPromotableSinglePhaseNotification ^ promotableNotification, Guid distributedTransactionIdentifier);
public void SetDistributedTransactionIdentifier (System.Transactions.IPromotableSinglePhaseNotification promotableNotification, Guid distributedTransactionIdentifier);
member this.SetDistributedTransactionIdentifier : System.Transactions.IPromotableSinglePhaseNotification * Guid -> unit
Public Sub SetDistributedTransactionIdentifier (promotableNotification As IPromotableSinglePhaseNotification, distributedTransactionIdentifier As Guid)

매개 변수


참가자가 구현한 IPromotableSinglePhaseNotification 인터페이스입니다.A IPromotableSinglePhaseNotification interface implemented by the participant.


분산 트랜잭션 관리자에서 사용하는 트랜잭션의 식별자입니다.The identifier for the transaction used by the distributed transaction manager.


IPromotableSinglePhaseNotification.Promote 메서드를 처리 하는 동안에는이 메서드를 성공적으로 호출할 수 있습니다.This method can only be called successfully while the IPromotableSinglePhaseNotification.Promote method is being processed. 이 메서드가 다른 시간에 호출 되는 경우 TransactionException throw 됩니다.If this method is called at any other time, a TransactionException is thrown.

promotableNotification 매개 변수의 지정 된 값은 Transaction.EnlistPromotableSinglePhase 호출에 원래 지정 된 것과 동일한 개체 여야 합니다.The specified value of the promotableNotification parameter must be the same object that was originally specified to the Transaction.EnlistPromotableSinglePhase invocation. 그렇지 않으면 InvalidOperationException이 throw 됩니다.If this is not the case, then an InvalidOperationException is thrown.

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