SiteMapNode.Provider Property


SiteMapProvider 개체를 추적하는 SiteMapNode 공급자를 가져옵니다.Gets the SiteMapProvider provider that the SiteMapNode object is tracked by.

 property System::Web::SiteMapProvider ^ Provider { System::Web::SiteMapProvider ^ get(); };
public System.Web.SiteMapProvider Provider { get; }
member this.Provider : System.Web.SiteMapProvider
Public ReadOnly Property Provider As SiteMapProvider

Property Value


SiteMapProvider를 추적하는 SiteMapNode입니다.The SiteMapProvider that the SiteMapNode is tracked by.


공급자는 항상 반환 됩니다. 전달 nullSiteMapNode 생성자에서 결과 ArgumentException 예외입니다.A provider is always returned; passing null to the SiteMapNode constructor results in an ArgumentException exception.

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