Page.DeterminePostBackModeUnvalidated 메서드


요청에 ASP.NET 요청 유효성 검사를 수행 하지 않고 POST 또는 GET 명령을 사용 하 여 게시 된 데이터는 이름-값 컬렉션을 반환 합니다.Returns a name-value collection of data that was posted to the page using either a POST or a GET command, without performing ASP.NET request validation on the request.

protected public:
 virtual System::Collections::Specialized::NameValueCollection ^ DeterminePostBackModeUnvalidated();
protected internal virtual System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection DeterminePostBackModeUnvalidated ();
abstract member DeterminePostBackModeUnvalidated : unit -> System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection
override this.DeterminePostBackModeUnvalidated : unit -> System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection
Protected Friend Overridable Function DeterminePostBackModeUnvalidated () As NameValueCollection


유효성이 검사 되지 않은 폼 데이터를 포함 하는 개체입니다.An object that contains the unvalidated form data.


자세한 내용은 UnvalidatedRequestValues 클래스 참조하세요.For more information, see the UnvalidatedRequestValues class.

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