DropDownList.VerifyMultiSelect 메서드


HttpException 컨트롤에는 다중 선택이 지원되지 않으므로 항상 DropDownList 예외를 throw합니다.Always throws an HttpException exception because multiple selection is not supported for the DropDownList control.

protected public:
 override void VerifyMultiSelect();
protected internal override void VerifyMultiSelect ();
override this.VerifyMultiSelect : unit -> unit
Protected Friend Overrides Sub VerifyMultiSelect ()


모든 경우In all cases.


컨트롤 DropDownList 은 여러 선택을 지원 하지 않으며 예외를 HttpException throw 합니다.The DropDownList control does not support multiple selections and throws an HttpException exception.

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