ListControl.PerformSelect 메서드


연결된 데이터 원본에서 데이터를 검색합니다.Retrieves data from the associated data source.

 override void PerformSelect();
protected override void PerformSelect ();
override this.PerformSelect : unit -> unit
Protected Overrides Sub PerformSelect ()


PerformSelect 메서드 호출을 PerformDataBinding 데이터 바인딩된 컨트롤의 요소에 데이터를 바인딩할 데이터를 검색 한 후에 메서드.The PerformSelect method calls the PerformDataBinding method after data is retrieved to bind data to elements of the data-bound control. 자세한 내용은 DataBoundControl.PerformSelect을 참조하세요.For more information, see DataBoundControl.PerformSelect.

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