MultipleViewPatternIdentifiers MultipleViewPatternIdentifiers MultipleViewPatternIdentifiers MultipleViewPatternIdentifiers Class


IMultipleViewProvider에서 식별자로 사용하는 값을 포함합니다.Contains values used as identifiers by IMultipleViewProvider.

public ref class MultipleViewPatternIdentifiers abstract sealed
public static class MultipleViewPatternIdentifiers
type MultipleViewPatternIdentifiers = class
Public Class MultipleViewPatternIdentifiers


이러한 식별자는 UI 자동화 공급자에서 사용 됩니다.These identifiers are used by UI Automation providers. UI 자동화 클라이언트 애플리케이션에 해당 하는 필드를 사용 해야 MultipleViewPattern합니다.UI Automation client applications should use the equivalent fields in MultipleViewPattern.


CurrentViewProperty CurrentViewProperty CurrentViewProperty CurrentViewProperty

CurrentView 속성을 식별합니다.Identifies the CurrentView property.

Pattern Pattern Pattern Pattern

MultipleViewPattern 컨트롤 패턴을 식별합니다.Identifies the MultipleViewPattern control pattern.

SupportedViewsProperty SupportedViewsProperty SupportedViewsProperty SupportedViewsProperty

뷰의 컨트롤 관련 컬렉션을 가져오는 속성을 식별합니다.Identifies the property that gets the control-specific collection of views.

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