AutomationControlType AutomationControlType AutomationControlType AutomationControlType Enum


UI 자동화 클라이언트에 노출되는 ControlType을 지정합니다.Specifies the ControlType that is exposed to the UI Automation client.

public enum class AutomationControlType
public enum AutomationControlType
type AutomationControlType = 
Public Enum AutomationControlType


Button Button Button Button 0

Button 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Button control type.

Calendar Calendar Calendar Calendar 1

Calendar 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Calendar control type.

CheckBox CheckBox CheckBox CheckBox 2

CheckBox 컨트롤 형식입니다.A CheckBox control type.

ComboBox ComboBox ComboBox ComboBox 3

ComboBox 컨트롤 형식입니다.A ComboBox control type.

Custom Custom Custom Custom 25

Custom 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Custom control type.

DataGrid DataGrid DataGrid DataGrid 28

DataGrid 컨트롤 형식입니다.A DataGrid control type.

DataItem DataItem DataItem DataItem 29

DataItem 컨트롤 형식입니다.A DataItem control type.

Document Document Document Document 30

Document 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Document control type.

Edit Edit Edit Edit 4

Edit 컨트롤 형식입니다.An Edit control type.

Group Group Group Group 26

Group 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Group control type.

Header Header Header Header 34

Header 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Header control type.

HeaderItem HeaderItem HeaderItem HeaderItem 35

HeaderItem 컨트롤 형식입니다.A HeaderItem control type.


Hyperlink 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Hyperlink control type.

Image Image Image Image 6

Image 컨트롤 형식입니다.An Image control type.

List List List List 8

List 컨트롤 형식입니다.A List control type.

ListItem ListItem ListItem ListItem 7

ListItem 컨트롤 형식입니다.A ListItem control type.

Menu Menu Menu Menu 9

Menu 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Menu control type.

MenuBar MenuBar MenuBar MenuBar 10

MenuBar 컨트롤 형식입니다.A MenuBar control type.

MenuItem MenuItem MenuItem MenuItem 11

MenuItem 컨트롤 형식입니다.A MenuItem control type.

Pane Pane Pane Pane 33

Pane 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Pane control type.

ProgressBar ProgressBar ProgressBar ProgressBar 12

ProgressBar 컨트롤 형식입니다.A ProgressBar control type.

RadioButton RadioButton RadioButton RadioButton 13

RadioButton 컨트롤 형식입니다.A RadioButton control type.

ScrollBar ScrollBar ScrollBar ScrollBar 14

ScrollBar 컨트롤 형식입니다.A ScrollBar control type.

Separator Separator Separator Separator 38

Separator 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Separator control type.

Slider Slider Slider Slider 15

Slider 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Slider control type.

Spinner Spinner Spinner Spinner 16

Spinner 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Spinner control type.

SplitButton SplitButton SplitButton SplitButton 31

SplitButton 컨트롤 형식입니다.A SplitButton control type.

StatusBar StatusBar StatusBar StatusBar 17

StatusBar 컨트롤 형식입니다.A StatusBar control type.

Tab Tab Tab Tab 18

Tab 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Tab control type.

TabItem TabItem TabItem TabItem 19

TabItem 컨트롤 형식입니다.A TabItem control type.

Table Table Table Table 36

Table 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Table control type.

Text Text Text Text 20

Text 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Text control type.

Thumb Thumb Thumb Thumb 27

Thumb 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Thumb control type.

TitleBar TitleBar TitleBar TitleBar 37

TitleBar 컨트롤 형식입니다.A TitleBar control type.

ToolBar ToolBar ToolBar ToolBar 21

ToolBar 컨트롤 형식입니다.A ToolBar control type.

ToolTip ToolTip ToolTip ToolTip 22

ToolTip 컨트롤 형식입니다.A ToolTip control type.

Tree Tree Tree Tree 23

Tree 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Tree control type.

TreeItem TreeItem TreeItem TreeItem 24

TreeItem 컨트롤 형식입니다.A TreeItem control type.

Window Window Window Window 32

Window 컨트롤 형식입니다.A Window control type.

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