ButtonBaseAutomationPeer.GetAutomationIdCore 메서드


ButtonBaseAutomationPeer와 연관된 요소의 AutomationId을 가져옵니다.Gets the AutomationId for the element associated with this ButtonBaseAutomationPeer. GetAutomationId()에 의해 호출됩니다.Called by GetAutomationId().

 override System::String ^ GetAutomationIdCore();
protected override string GetAutomationIdCore ();
override this.GetAutomationIdCore : unit -> string
Protected Overrides Function GetAutomationIdCore () As String


AutomationId가 들어 있는 문자열입니다.The string that contains the AutomationId.


자동화 식별자의 값은는 AutomationId 속성을 설정 하지 않으면 하는 경우는 Name 속성.The value of the automation identifier is the AutomationId property, and if that isn't set, it's the Name property.

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