FrameworkElementAutomationPeer.GetHelpTextCore 메서드


ContentElementAutomationPeer와 연결된 ContentElement의 기능을 설명하는 문자열을 가져옵니다.Gets the string that describes the functionality of the ContentElement that is associated with this ContentElementAutomationPeer. GetHelpText()에 의해 호출됩니다.Called by GetHelpText().

 override System::String ^ GetHelpTextCore();
protected override string GetHelpTextCore ();
override this.GetHelpTextCore : unit -> string
Protected Overrides Function GetHelpTextCore () As String


일반적으로 ToolTip에서 가져온 도움말 텍스트이거나, 도움말 텍스트가 없으면 Empty입니다.The help text, usually from the ToolTip, or Empty if there is no help text.

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