FrameworkElementAutomationPeer.GetLabeledByCore 메서드


ContentElementAutomationPeer와 연결된 ContentElement를 대상으로 하는 Label에 대한 AutomationPeer를 가져옵니다.Gets the AutomationPeer for the Label that is targeted to the ContentElement that is associated with this ContentElementAutomationPeer. GetLabeledBy()에 의해 호출됩니다.Called by GetLabeledBy().

 override System::Windows::Automation::Peers::AutomationPeer ^ GetLabeledByCore();
protected override System.Windows.Automation.Peers.AutomationPeer GetLabeledByCore ();
override this.GetLabeledByCore : unit -> System.Windows.Automation.Peers.AutomationPeer
Protected Overrides Function GetLabeledByCore () As AutomationPeer


Label에 의해 대상으로 지정된 요소의 LabelAutomationPeer입니다.The LabelAutomationPeer for the element that is targeted by the Label.


예를 들어 요소를 ComboBox 컨트롤을 GetLabeledBy() 메서드를 가져올 수를 AutomationPeer 에 대 한를 Label 연관 된를 ComboBox.For example, if the element is a ComboBox control, the GetLabeledBy() method could get the AutomationPeer for the Label that is associated with the ComboBox.

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