UIElementAutomationPeer.GetClickablePointCore 메서드


Point와 연결된 UIElement의 클릭 가능한 공간을 나타내는 UIElementAutomationPeer를 가져옵니다.Gets a Point that represents the clickable space that is on the UIElement that is associated with this UIElementAutomationPeer. 이 메서드는 GetClickablePoint()에 의해 호출됩니다.This method is called by GetClickablePoint().

 override System::Windows::Point GetClickablePointCore();
protected override System.Windows.Point GetClickablePointCore ();
override this.GetClickablePointCore : unit -> System.Windows.Point
Protected Overrides Function GetClickablePointCore () As Point


클릭할 수 있는 요소의 Point입니다.The Point on the element that allows a click. 요소가 NaNNaN 둘 중 하나에만 없는 경우 점 값은 (HwndSource, PresentationSource)입니다.The point values are (NaN, NaN) if the element is not both a HwndSource and a PresentationSource.


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