UIElementAutomationPeer.GetLiveSettingCore 메서드


UIElement와 연결된 UIElementAutomationPeer 개체의 라이브 영역의 알림 특성을 가져옵니다.Gets the notification characteristics of the live region of the UIElement object that is associated with this UIElementAutomationPeer. 이 메서드는 GetLiveSetting()에 의해 호출됩니다.This method is called by GetLiveSetting().

 override System::Windows::Automation::AutomationLiveSetting GetLiveSettingCore();
protected override System.Windows.Automation.AutomationLiveSetting GetLiveSettingCore ();
override this.GetLiveSettingCore : unit -> System.Windows.Automation.AutomationLiveSetting
Protected Overrides Function GetLiveSettingCore () As AutomationLiveSetting


라이브 영역의 알림 특성입니다.The notification characteristics of the live region.

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