SelectionItemPatternIdentifiers SelectionItemPatternIdentifiers SelectionItemPatternIdentifiers SelectionItemPatternIdentifiers Class


ISelectionItemProvider에서 식별자로 사용하는 값을 포함합니다.Contains values used as identifiers by ISelectionItemProvider.

public ref class SelectionItemPatternIdentifiers abstract sealed
public static class SelectionItemPatternIdentifiers
type SelectionItemPatternIdentifiers = class
Public Class SelectionItemPatternIdentifiers


이러한 식별자는 UI 자동화 공급자에서 사용 됩니다.These identifiers are used by UI Automation providers. UI 자동화 클라이언트 애플리케이션에 해당 하는 필드를 사용 해야 SelectionItemPattern합니다.UI Automation client applications should use the equivalent fields in SelectionItemPattern.


ElementAddedToSelectionEvent ElementAddedToSelectionEvent ElementAddedToSelectionEvent ElementAddedToSelectionEvent

선택한 항목의 컬렉션에 항목이 추가될 때 발생하는 이벤트를 식별합니다.Identifies the event raised when an item is added to a collection of selected items.

ElementRemovedFromSelectionEvent ElementRemovedFromSelectionEvent ElementRemovedFromSelectionEvent ElementRemovedFromSelectionEvent

선택한 항목의 컬렉션에서 항목이 제거될 때 발생하는 이벤트를 식별합니다.Identifies the event raised when an item is removed from a collection of selected items.

ElementSelectedEvent ElementSelectedEvent ElementSelectedEvent ElementSelectedEvent

단일 항목이 선택될 때(이전에 선택한 모든 항목이 선택 취소됨) 발생하는 이벤트를 식별합니다.Identifies the event that is raised when a single item is selected (causing all previously selected items to become deselected).

IsSelectedProperty IsSelectedProperty IsSelectedProperty IsSelectedProperty

IsSelected 속성을 식별합니다.Identifies the IsSelected property.

Pattern Pattern Pattern Pattern

SelectionItemPattern 패턴을 식별합니다.Identifies the SelectionItemPattern pattern.

SelectionContainerProperty SelectionContainerProperty SelectionContainerProperty SelectionContainerProperty

SelectionContainer 속성을 식별합니다.Identifies the SelectionContainer property.

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