ContextMenu.OnVisualParentChanged(DependencyObject) 메서드


상황에 맞는 메뉴의 표시 부모가 변경될 때 호출됩니다.Called when a context menu's visual parent changes.

protected public:
 override void OnVisualParentChanged(System::Windows::DependencyObject ^ oldParent);
protected internal override void OnVisualParentChanged (System.Windows.DependencyObject oldParent);
override this.OnVisualParentChanged : System.Windows.DependencyObject -> unit
Protected Friend Overrides Sub OnVisualParentChanged (oldParent As DependencyObject)

매개 변수


상황에 맞는 메뉴가 이전에 연결되어 있던 개체입니다.The object that the context menu was previously attached to.

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