WebBrowser.LoadCompleted 이벤트


탐색 대상 문서가 다운로드 완료되면 발생합니다.Occurs when the document being navigated to has finished downloading.

 event System::Windows::Navigation::LoadCompletedEventHandler ^ LoadCompleted;
public event System.Windows.Navigation.LoadCompletedEventHandler LoadCompleted;
member this.LoadCompleted : System.Windows.Navigation.LoadCompletedEventHandler 
Public Custom Event LoadCompleted As LoadCompletedEventHandler 
Public Event LoadCompleted As LoadCompletedEventHandler 

이벤트 유형



탐색 이벤트 처리기에는 NavigationEventArgs 웹 응답 정보를 비롯 한 탐색에 대 한 컨텍스트 정보를 제공 하는 클래스의 인스턴스가 전달 됩니다.Navigated event handlers are passed an instance of the NavigationEventArgs class, which provides contextual information about the navigation, including Web response details.

이 이벤트는 최상위 탐색에 대해서만 발생 합니다.This event will only be fired for top-level navigations.

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