DependencyObjectType.IsInstanceOfType(DependencyObject) DependencyObjectType.IsInstanceOfType(DependencyObject) DependencyObjectType.IsInstanceOfType(DependencyObject) Method


지정된 개체가 현재 DependencyObjectType의 인스턴스인지를 확인합니다.Determines whether the specified object is an instance of the current DependencyObjectType.

 bool IsInstanceOfType(System::Windows::DependencyObject ^ dependencyObject);
public bool IsInstanceOfType (System.Windows.DependencyObject dependencyObject);
member this.IsInstanceOfType : System.Windows.DependencyObject -> bool

매개 변수

DependencyObject DependencyObject DependencyObject

현재 DependencyObjectType와 비교할 개체입니다.The object to compare with the current DependencyObjectType.


현재 DependencyObjectType이 나타내는 클래스가 d로 전달된 DependencyObject의 상속 계층 구조에 있으면 true이고, 그렇지 않으면 false.true if the class represented by the current DependencyObjectType is in the inheritance hierarchy of the DependencyObject passed as d; otherwise, false.


개체의 정확히 동일한 형식이 반환 true합니다.Objects of the exact same type return true.

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