TableColumnCollection.Clear Method


컬렉션에서 모든 항목을 지웁니다.Clears all items from the collection.

 virtual void Clear();
public void Clear ();
abstract member Clear : unit -> unit
override this.Clear : unit -> unit
Public Sub Clear ()



호출한 후 Clear의 값을 Count 속성이 됩니다 0 값과는 Capacity 속성이 변경 되지 않습니다.After calling Clear, the value of the Count property becomes 0 and the value of the Capacity property is unchanged. 새 용량을 설정 하려면 호출 TrimToSize 를 통해 새 용량을 명시적으로 설정할지를 Capacity 속성입니다.To set a new capacity, call TrimToSize or explicitly set a new capacity through the Capacity property.

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