DataGrid.CaptionForeColor 속성


캡션 영역의 전경색을 가져오거나 설정합니다.Gets or sets the foreground color of the caption area.

 property System::Drawing::Color CaptionForeColor { System::Drawing::Color get(); void set(System::Drawing::Color value); };
public System.Drawing.Color CaptionForeColor { get; set; }
member this.CaptionForeColor : System.Drawing.Color with get, set
Public Property CaptionForeColor As Color

속성 값


캡션 영역의 전경색을 나타내는 Color입니다.A Color that represents the foreground color of the caption area. 기본값은 ActiveCaptionText입니다.The default is ActiveCaptionText.


다음 코드 예제에서는 CaptionForeColor 컨트롤의 속성을 설정 합니다 System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid .The following code example sets the CaptionForeColor property of the System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid control.

Private Sub SetCaptionForeClr(ByVal myGrid As DataGrid)
   myGrid.CaptionForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Tomato
End Sub

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