DataGrid.CreateAccessibilityInstance 메서드


이 컨트롤에 대한 액세스 가능 개체의 새 인스턴스를 생성합니다.Constructs a new instance of the accessibility object for this control.

 override System::Windows::Forms::AccessibleObject ^ CreateAccessibilityInstance();
protected override System.Windows.Forms.AccessibleObject CreateAccessibilityInstance ();
override this.CreateAccessibilityInstance : unit -> System.Windows.Forms.AccessibleObject
Protected Overrides Function CreateAccessibilityInstance () As AccessibleObject



컨트롤에 대한 Control.ControlAccessibleObject입니다.The Control.ControlAccessibleObject for this control.


파생 클래스는 기본 클래스의 메서드를 호출 하면 안 CreateAccessibilityInstance 됩니다.Derived classes should not call the base class's CreateAccessibilityInstance method.

의 다음 속성만 AccessibleObject 설정 해야 합니다.Only the following properties of the AccessibleObject should be set:

다른 모든 속성은 자체적으로 처리 됩니다 System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid .All other properties are handled by the System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid itself.

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