DataGridColumnStyle.NullTextChanged DataGridColumnStyle.NullTextChanged DataGridColumnStyle.NullTextChanged DataGridColumnStyle.NullTextChanged Event


NullText 값이 변경될 때 발생합니다.Occurs when the NullText value changes.

 event EventHandler ^ NullTextChanged;
public event EventHandler NullTextChanged;
member this.NullTextChanged : EventHandler 
Public Custom Event NullTextChanged As EventHandler 


다음 코드 예제에서는이 멤버를 사용 하는 방법을 보여 줍니다.The following code example demonstrates the use of this member.

   void AddCustomColumnStyle()
      myTableStyle = gcnew DataGridTableStyle;
      myColumnStyle = gcnew DataGridTextBoxColumn;
      myColumnStyle->NullTextChanged += gcnew EventHandler( this, &MyForm::columnStyle_NullTextChanged );
      myTableStyle->GridColumnStyles->Add( myColumnStyle );
      myDataGrid->TableStyles->Add( myTableStyle );

   // NullTextChanged event handler of DataGridColumnStyle.
   void columnStyle_NullTextChanged( Object^ /*sender*/, EventArgs^ /*e*/ )
      for ( int i = 0; i < myRowcount; i++ )
         myCell.RowNumber = i;
         myDataGrid[ myCell ] = nullptr;

      MessageBox::Show( "NullTextChanged Event is handled" );
private void AddCustomColumnStyle()
   myTableStyle = new DataGridTableStyle();
   myColumnStyle = new DataGridTextBoxColumn();
   myColumnStyle.NullTextChanged += new EventHandler(columnStyle_NullTextChanged);

// NullTextChanged event handler of DataGridColumnStyle.
private void columnStyle_NullTextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
   for(int i=0;i<myRowcount;i++)
      myCell.RowNumber = i;
      myDataGrid[myCell] = null;
   MessageBox.Show("NullTextChanged Event is handled");
Private Sub AddCustomColumnStyle()
   myTableStyle = New DataGridTableStyle()
   myColumnStyle = New DataGridTextBoxColumn()
   AddHandler myColumnStyle.NullTextChanged, AddressOf columnStyle_NullTextChanged
End Sub 'AddCustomColumnStyle

' NullTextChanged event handler of DataGridColumnStyle.
Private Sub columnStyle_NullTextChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
   Dim i As Integer
   For i = 0 To myRowcount - 1
      myCell.RowNumber = i
      myDataGrid(myCell) = Nothing
   Next i
   MessageBox.Show("NullTextChanged Event is handled")
End Sub 'columnStyle_NullTextChanged

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