DataGridViewColumnCollection.Insert(Int32, DataGridViewColumn) DataGridViewColumnCollection.Insert(Int32, DataGridViewColumn) DataGridViewColumnCollection.Insert(Int32, DataGridViewColumn) Method


컬렉션의 지정된 인덱스에 열을 삽입합니다.Inserts a column at the given index in the collection.

 virtual void Insert(int columnIndex, System::Windows::Forms::DataGridViewColumn ^ dataGridViewColumn);
public virtual void Insert (int columnIndex, System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewColumn dataGridViewColumn);
abstract member Insert : int * System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewColumn -> unit
override this.Insert : int * System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewColumn -> unit

매개 변수

Int32 Int32 Int32

지정된 열을 삽입할 인덱스(0부터 시작)입니다.The zero-based index at which to insert the given column.


dataGridViewColumnnull인 경우dataGridViewColumn is null.

연결된 DataGridView 컨트롤에서 임시로 새 열을 추가하지 못하게 하는 다음 작업 중 하나를 수행하고 있는 경우The associated DataGridView control is performing one of the following actions that temporarily prevents new columns from being added: - 컨트롤의 셀을 모두 선택합니다.- Selecting all cells in the control.

- 선택을 취소합니다.- Clearing the selection.

- 열의 DisplayIndex 속성 값을 업데이트합니다.- Updating column DisplayIndex property values.

또는-or- 이 메서드는 다음 DataGridView 이벤트 중 하나의 처리기에서 호출됩니다.This method is being called from a handler for one of the following DataGridView events:

또는-or- dataGridViewColumn이 이미 DataGridView 컨트롤에 속해 있는 경우dataGridViewColumn already belongs to a DataGridView control.

또는-or- dataGridViewColumnSortMode 속성 값이 Automatic이고 SelectionMode 속성 값이 FullColumnSelect 또는 ColumnHeaderSelect입니다.The dataGridViewColumnSortMode property value is Automatic and the SelectionMode property value is FullColumnSelect or ColumnHeaderSelect. 컨트롤의 ISupportInitialize.BeginInit()ISupportInitialize.EndInit() 메서드를 사용하여 충돌하는 속성 값을 임시로 설정합니다.Use the control ISupportInitialize.BeginInit() and ISupportInitialize.EndInit() methods to temporarily set conflicting property values.

또는-or- dataGridViewColumnInheritedAutoSizeMode 속성 값이 ColumnHeader이고 ColumnHeadersVisible 속성 값은 false입니다.The dataGridViewColumnInheritedAutoSizeMode property value is ColumnHeader and the ColumnHeadersVisible property value is false.

또는-or- dataGridViewColumnInheritedAutoSizeMode 속성 값이 Fill이고 Frozen 속성 값이 true인 경우dataGridViewColumn has an InheritedAutoSizeMode property value of Fill and a Frozen property value of true.

또는-or- dataGridViewColumn에, 인접한 열 집합과 DisplayIndex 속성 값이 반대인 열을 표시하는 FrozenFrozen 속성 값이 있는 경우dataGridViewColumn has DisplayIndex and Frozen property values that would display it among a set of adjacent columns with the opposite Frozen property value.

또는-or- DataGridView 컨트롤에 하나 이상의 행이 있고 dataGridViewColumnCellType 속성 값이 null인 경우The DataGridView control contains at least one row and dataGridViewColumn has a CellType property value of null.


다음 코드 예제에서는이 메서드의 사용을 보여 줍니다.The following code example illustrates the use of this method. 자세한 내용은 방법: 데이터 바인딩된 Windows Forms DataGridView 컨트롤에 바인딩되지 않은 열을 추가 합니다.For more information, see How to: Add an Unbound Column to a Data-Bound Windows Forms DataGridView Control.

private void CreateUnboundButtonColumn()
    // Initialize the button column.
    DataGridViewButtonColumn buttonColumn =
        new DataGridViewButtonColumn();
    buttonColumn.Name = "Details";
    buttonColumn.HeaderText = "Details";
    buttonColumn.Text = "View Details";

    // Use the Text property for the button text for all cells rather
    // than using each cell's value as the text for its own button.
    buttonColumn.UseColumnTextForButtonValue = true;

    // Add the button column to the control.
    dataGridView1.Columns.Insert(0, buttonColumn);
Private Sub CreateUnboundButtonColumn()

    ' Initialize the button column.
    Dim buttonColumn As New DataGridViewButtonColumn

    With buttonColumn
        .HeaderText = "Details"
        .Name = "Details"
        .Text = "View Details"

        ' Use the Text property for the button text for all cells rather
        ' than using each cell's value as the text for its own button.
        .UseColumnTextForButtonValue = True
    End With

    ' Add the button column to the control.
    dataGridView1.Columns.Insert(0, buttonColumn)

End Sub

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