DataGridViewRowHeaderCell.DataGridViewRowHeaderCellAccessibleObject.Navigate(AccessibleNavigation) DataGridViewRowHeaderCell.DataGridViewRowHeaderCellAccessibleObject.Navigate(AccessibleNavigation) DataGridViewRowHeaderCell.DataGridViewRowHeaderCellAccessibleObject.Navigate(AccessibleNavigation) DataGridViewRowHeaderCell.DataGridViewRowHeaderCellAccessibleObject.Navigate(AccessibleNavigation) Method


다른 내게 필요한 옵션 지원 개체를 탐색합니다.Navigates to another accessible object.

 override System::Windows::Forms::AccessibleObject ^ Navigate(System::Windows::Forms::AccessibleNavigation navigationDirection);
public override System.Windows.Forms.AccessibleObject Navigate (System.Windows.Forms.AccessibleNavigation navigationDirection);
override this.Navigate : System.Windows.Forms.AccessibleNavigation -> System.Windows.Forms.AccessibleObject
Public Overrides Function Navigate (navigationDirection As AccessibleNavigation) As AccessibleObject

매개 변수


지정된 방향에 있는 개체를 나타내는 AccessibleObject입니다.An AccessibleObject that represents an object in the specified direction.


다음 표에서 설명 하는 DataGridViewCell 소유 합니다 AccessibleObject 에서 반환 하는 Navigate 메서드.The following table describes which DataGridViewCell owns the AccessibleObject that is returned by the Navigate method.

매개 변수 값Parameter value 설명Description
Next 첫 번째 DataGridViewCell 행에서 제외 된 DataGridViewRowHeaderCell합니다.The first DataGridViewCell in the row, not including the DataGridViewRowHeaderCell. Navigate 반환 된 DataGridViewRowHeaderCell 현재 행 아래 경우는 DataGridView 에 다른 열이 없습니다.Navigate returns the DataGridViewRowHeaderCell below the current row if the DataGridView has no other columns.
Up DataGridViewRowHeaderCell 현재 행 위에 있습니다.The DataGridViewRowHeaderCell above the current row. Navigate 반환 null 현재 행이 첫 번째 행.Navigate returns null if the current row is the first row.
Down DataGridViewRowHeaderCell 현재 행 아래.The DataGridViewRowHeaderCell below the current row. Navigate 반환 null 현재 행이 마지막 행입니다.Navigate returns null if the current row is the last row.
다른 모든 AccessibleNavigationAll other AccessibleNavigation values null.null.


비관리 코드를 호출 합니다.to call unmanaged code. 요청 값: Demand합니다.Demand value: Demand. 권한 값: UnmanagedCodePermission value: UnmanagedCode

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