TabControl.ItemSize 속성


컨트롤의 탭 크기를 가져오거나 설정합니다.Gets or sets the size of the control's tabs.

 property System::Drawing::Size ItemSize { System::Drawing::Size get(); void set(System::Drawing::Size value); };
public System.Drawing.Size ItemSize { get; set; }
member this.ItemSize : System.Drawing.Size with get, set
Public Property ItemSize As Size

속성 값

탭의 크기를 나타내는 Size입니다.A Size that represents the size of the tabs. 기본적으로 탭 크기는 탭의 아이콘 및 레이블 크기에 맞게 자동으로 조정됩니다.The default automatically sizes the tabs to fit the icons and labels on the tabs.


Size의 너비 또는 높이가 0보다 작은 경우The width or height of the Size is less than 0.


다음 코드 예제는 TabControl 두 개의 TabPage 개체입니다.The following code example creates a TabControl with two TabPage objects. 탭의 크기를 정의 하려면 설정 합니다 ItemSize 속성이 Size 구조입니다.To define the dimensions of the tabs, set the ItemSize property equal to a Size structure. 이 예제에서는 Size 탭 90 픽셀 너비 및 높이 정의 합니다.In this example, Size defines the tabs 90 pixels wide and 50 pixels high. 까지는 탭 너비를 변경할 수 없습니다는 SizeMode 속성을 Fixed 값입니다.You cannot change the width of the tabs unless the SizeMode property is set to the Fixed value.

using namespace System::Drawing;
using namespace System::Windows::Forms;
public ref class Form1: public Form
   TabControl^ tabControl1;
   TabPage^ tabPage1;
   TabPage^ tabPage2;

      this->tabControl1 = gcnew TabControl;
      this->tabPage1 = gcnew TabPage;
      this->tabPage2 = gcnew TabPage;
      // Sizes the tabs of tabControl1.
      this->tabControl1->ItemSize = System::Drawing::Size( 90, 50 );
      // Makes the tab width definable. 
      this->tabControl1->SizeMode = TabSizeMode::Fixed;
      array<Control^>^tabControl1Controls = {tabPage1,tabPage2};
      this->tabControl1->Controls->AddRange( tabControl1Controls );
      this->tabControl1->Location = Point(35,25);
      this->tabControl1->Size = System::Drawing::Size( 220, 220 );
      this->Size = System::Drawing::Size( 300, 300 );
      this->Controls->Add( tabControl1 );


int main()
   Application::Run( gcnew Form1 );

using System.Drawing;
using System.Windows.Forms;

public class Form1 : Form
    private TabControl tabControl1;
    private TabPage tabPage1;
    private TabPage tabPage2;

    public Form1()
        this.tabControl1 = new TabControl();
        this.tabPage1 = new TabPage();
        this.tabPage2 = new TabPage();
        // Sizes the tabs of tabControl1.
        this.tabControl1.ItemSize = new Size(90, 50);

        // Makes the tab width definable. 
        this.tabControl1.SizeMode = TabSizeMode.Fixed;

        this.tabControl1.Controls.AddRange(new Control[] {
            tabPage1, tabPage2});
        this.tabControl1.Location = new Point(35, 25);
        this.tabControl1.Size = new Size(220, 220);

        this.Size = new Size(300, 300);

    static void Main() 
        Application.Run(new Form1());
Imports System.Drawing
Imports System.Windows.Forms

Public Class Form1
    Inherits Form
    Private tabControl1 As TabControl
    Private tabPage1 As TabPage
    Private tabPage2 As TabPage

    Public Sub New()
        Me.tabControl1 = New TabControl()
        Me.tabPage1 = New TabPage()
        Me.tabPage2 = New TabPage()

        ' Sizes the tabs of tabControl1.
        Me.tabControl1.ItemSize = New Size(90, 50)

        ' Makes the tab width definable. 
        Me.tabControl1.SizeMode = TabSizeMode.Fixed

        Me.tabControl1.Controls.AddRange(New Control() {tabPage1, tabPage2})
        Me.tabControl1.Location = New Point(35, 25)
        Me.tabControl1.Size = New Size(220, 220)

        Me.Size = New Size(300, 300)
    End Sub

    Shared Sub Main()
        Application.Run(New Form1())
    End Sub
End Class


변경 하려면를 Width 의 속성을 ItemSize 속성을는 SizeMode 속성 설정 해야 합니다 Fixed.To change the Width property of the ItemSize property, the SizeMode property must be set to Fixed.

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