ToolStripOverflow.Items ToolStripOverflow.Items ToolStripOverflow.Items ToolStripOverflow.Items Property


항목이 현재 표시되는지 여부와 관계없이 ToolStrip에 있는 모든 항목을 가져옵니다.Gets all of the items on the ToolStrip, whether they are currently being displayed or not.

 virtual property System::Windows::Forms::ToolStripItemCollection ^ Items { System::Windows::Forms::ToolStripItemCollection ^ get(); };
public override System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripItemCollection Items { get; }
member this.Items : System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripItemCollection
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property Items As ToolStripItemCollection

속성 값


사용 하 여는 Items 모든 항목을 가져올 속성은 ToolStrip, 표시 되지 않은 포함 합니다.Use the Items property to get all items on the ToolStrip, including those not being displayed. 사용 합니다 DisplayedItems 에 현재 표시 된 항목을 가져올 속성의 ToolStrip합니다.Use the DisplayedItems property to get only those items that are currently displayed on the ToolStrip.

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