ToolStripStatusLabelBorderSides ToolStripStatusLabelBorderSides ToolStripStatusLabelBorderSides ToolStripStatusLabelBorderSides Enum


ToolStripStatusLabel에서 테두리가 있는 쪽을 지정합니다.Specifies which sides of a ToolStripStatusLabel have borders.

이 열거형에는 멤버 값의 비트 조합을 허용하는 FlagsAttribute 특성이 있습니다.

public enum class ToolStripStatusLabelBorderSides
public enum ToolStripStatusLabelBorderSides
type ToolStripStatusLabelBorderSides = 
Public Enum ToolStripStatusLabelBorderSides


All All All All 15

ToolStripStatusLabel의 모든 쪽에 테두리가 있습니다.All sides of the ToolStripStatusLabel have borders.

Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom 8

ToolStripStatusLabel의 아래쪽에만 테두리가 있습니다.Only the bottom side of the ToolStripStatusLabel has borders.

Left Left Left Left 1

ToolStripStatusLabel의 왼쪽에만 테두리가 있습니다.Only the left side of the ToolStripStatusLabel has borders.

None None None None 0

ToolStripStatusLabel에 테두리가 없습니다.The ToolStripStatusLabel has no borders.

Right Right Right Right 4

ToolStripStatusLabel의 오른쪽에만 테두리가 있습니다.Only the right side of the ToolStripStatusLabel has borders.

Top Top Top Top 2

ToolStripStatusLabel의 위쪽에만 테두리가 있습니다.Only the top side of the ToolStripStatusLabel has borders.

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