IInputElement.PreviewGotKeyboardFocus Event


이 요소에 키보드 포커스가 있으면 발생합니다.Occurs when the keyboard is focused on this element.

 event System::Windows::Input::KeyboardFocusChangedEventHandler ^ PreviewGotKeyboardFocus;
event System.Windows.Input.KeyboardFocusChangedEventHandler PreviewGotKeyboardFocus;
member this.PreviewGotKeyboardFocus : System.Windows.Input.KeyboardFocusChangedEventHandler 
Event PreviewGotKeyboardFocus As KeyboardFocusChangedEventHandler 


공용 구현에 대 한이 인터페이스를 사용 하는 것이 없습니다.This interface is not intended for public implementation. 자세한 내용은 주의 참조 하십시오.는 IInputElement 인터페이스입니다.For more information, see remarks for the IInputElement interface.

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