Keyboard.ClearFocus 메서드


포커스를 지웁니다.Clears focus.

 static void ClearFocus();
public static void ClearFocus ();
static member ClearFocus : unit -> unit
Public Shared Sub ClearFocus ()


WPF를 호출 하는 Win32 창 내에서 포커스가 있으면는 ClearFocus 메서드 메뉴가 닫힐 때 포커스를 복원 합니다.If focus is within a Win32 window, WPF calls the ClearFocus method on restoration of focus when a menu is closed.

메뉴 모드를 벗어날 때 Win32 포커스 호스팅된 자식 HWND 돌아가고 WPF 포커스가 요소가 없습니다.When leaving menu mode, Win32 focus is returned to the hosted child HWND, and no element has WPF focus.

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