Point3DKeyFrameCollection.Item[Int32] 속성


지정된 인덱스 위치에 있는 Point3DKeyFrame을 가져오거나 설정합니다.Gets or sets the Point3DKeyFrame at the specified index position.

 property System::Windows::Media::Animation::Point3DKeyFrame ^ default[int] { System::Windows::Media::Animation::Point3DKeyFrame ^ get(int index); void set(int index, System::Windows::Media::Animation::Point3DKeyFrame ^ value); };
public System.Windows.Media.Animation.Point3DKeyFrame this[int index] { get; set; }
member this.Item(int) : System.Windows.Media.Animation.Point3DKeyFrame with get, set
Default Public Property Item(index As Integer) As Point3DKeyFrame

매개 변수


가져오거나 설정할 Point3DKeyFrame의 인덱스(0부터 시작)입니다.The zero-based index of the Point3DKeyFrame to get or set.

속성 값

지정된 인덱스의 Point3DKeyFrame입니다.The Point3DKeyFrame at the specified index.


컬렉션이 고정되어 있으므로(해당 IsFrozen 속성이 true임) 컬렉션 수정 시도가 잘못되었습니다.The attempt to modify the collection is invalid because the collection is frozen (its IsFrozen property is true).

index가 0보다 작은 경우index is less than zero.

또는-or- indexCount보다 크거나 같은 경우index is equal to or greater than Count.

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