Timeline.SpeedRatio 속성


Timeline에 대한 진행 속도로 부모에 상대적인 비율을 가져오거나 설정합니다.Gets or sets the rate, relative to its parent, at which time progresses for this Timeline.

 property double SpeedRatio { double get(); void set(double value); };
public double SpeedRatio { get; set; }
member this.SpeedRatio : double with get, set
Public Property SpeedRatio As Double

속성 값

이 Timeline에 대한 진행 속도로 부모 Timeline의 속도에 상대적인 비율을 설명하는 0보다 큰 유한 값이며, 이 Timeline이 루트 Timeline이면 기본 Timeline 속도입니다.A finite value greater than 0 that describes the rate at which time progresses for this timeline, relative to the speed of the timeline's parent or, if this is a root timeline, the default timeline speed. 기본값은 1입니다.The default value is 1.


SpeedRatio가 0보다 작거나 유한 값이 아닌 경우SpeedRatio is less than 0 or is not a finite value.


타임 라인의 SpeedRatio 속성 부모를 기준으로 진행 속도를 제어 합니다.A timeline's SpeedRatio property controls its rate of progress, relative to its parent. 타임 라인을 루트 이면 해당 SpeedRatio 기본 timeline 속도 상대적입니다.If the timeline is a root, its SpeedRatio is relative to the default timeline speed. 다음 예제에서는 다른 여러 타임 라인 SpeedRatio 설정 합니다.The following example shows several timelines with different SpeedRatio settings.

<!-- This example shows how to use the SpeedRatio property 
     to make animations speed up or slow down. -->
  WindowTitle="Speed Example">

    <!-- The rectangles to animate. -->          
    <Rectangle Name="DefaultSpeedRectangle" 
      Width="20" Height="20" Fill="Blue"  />      
    <Rectangle Name="FasterRectangle" 
      Width="20" Height="20" Fill="Blue" />      
    <Rectangle Name="SlowerRectangle" 
      Width="20" Height="20" Fill="Blue" />
    <Rectangle Name="NestedTimelinesExampleRectangle" 
      Width="20" Height="20" Fill="Blue" />      
    <!-- Create a button to start the animations. -->
    <Button Margin="0,30,0,0" HorizontalAlignment="Left">Start Animations
        <EventTrigger RoutedEvent="Button.Click">

              <!-- This animation progresses at the same rate as its parent. -->
                From="20" To="400" Duration="0:0:2" 
                SpeedRatio="1" />

              <!-- This animation progresses twice as fast as its parent. -->
                From="20" To="400" Duration="0:0:2" 
                SpeedRatio="2"  />   

              <!-- This animation progresses at half the rate of its parent. -->
                From="20" To="400" Duration="0:0:2" 
                SpeedRatio="0.5"  />    

              <ParallelTimeline SpeedRatio="2">
                <ParallelTimeline SpeedRatio="2">
                  <!-- This animation progresses eight times faster
                       than normal, because of its SpeedRatio settings
                       and the SpeedRatio settings on its parents. -->
                    From="20" To="400" Duration="0:0:2" 
                    SpeedRatio="2"  />  


타임 라인의 SpeedRatio 설정 영향을 준 것 해당 BeginTime; 해당 타임 라인의 부모에 상대적인 시간은 또는 timeline이 루트 timeline 이면 타임 라인의 클록 시작 된 시점의 현재 경우.A timeline's SpeedRatio setting does not have an effect on its BeginTime; that time is relative to the timeline's parent or, if the timeline is a root timeline, the moment at which the timeline's clock was begun.

하는 경우 AccelerationRatio 또는 DecelerationRatio 지정 된이 SpeedRatio 타임 라인의 기본 길이 대 한 평균 비율 됩니다.If AccelerationRatio or DecelerationRatio are specified, this SpeedRatio is the average ratio over the natural length of the timeline.

종속성 속성 정보Dependency Property Information

식별자 필드Identifier field SpeedRatioProperty
메타 데이터 속성 설정 trueMetadata properties set to true 없음None

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