TextEffectCollection.Enumerator TextEffectCollection.Enumerator TextEffectCollection.Enumerator TextEffectCollection.Enumerator Struct


TextEffectCollectionTextEffect 항목을 열거합니다.Enumerates TextEffect items in a TextEffectCollection.

public: value class TextEffectCollection::Enumerator : System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerator<System::Windows::Media::TextEffect ^>
public struct TextEffectCollection.Enumerator : System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerator<System.Windows.Media.TextEffect>
type TextEffectCollection.Enumerator = struct
    interface IEnumerator
    interface IEnumerator<TextEffect>
    interface IDisposable
Public Structure TextEffectCollection.Enumerator
Implements IEnumerator(Of TextEffect)


Current Current Current Current

컬렉션의 현재 요소를 가져옵니다.Gets the current element in the collection.


MoveNext() MoveNext() MoveNext() MoveNext()

열거자를 컬렉션의 다음 요소로 이동합니다.Advances the enumerator to the next element in the collection.

Reset() Reset() Reset() Reset()

컬렉션의 첫 번째 요소 앞의 초기 위치에 열거자를 다시 설정합니다.Resets the enumerator to its initial position, which is before the first element in the collection.

명시적 인터페이스 구현

IEnumerator.Current IEnumerator.Current IEnumerator.Current IEnumerator.Current

이 멤버에 대한 설명은 Current를 참조하십시오.For a description of this members, see Current.

IDisposable.Dispose() IDisposable.Dispose() IDisposable.Dispose() IDisposable.Dispose()

이 멤버에 대한 설명은 Dispose()를 참조하십시오.For a description of this members, see Dispose().

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