Dispatcher.CurrentDispatcher 속성


스레드에 연결된 Dispatcher가 없는 경우 현재 실행 중인 스레드에 대한 Dispatcher를 가져와서 새 Dispatcher를 만듭니다.Gets the Dispatcher for the thread currently executing and creates a new Dispatcher if one is not already associated with the thread.

 static property System::Windows::Threading::Dispatcher ^ CurrentDispatcher { System::Windows::Threading::Dispatcher ^ get(); };
public static System.Windows.Threading.Dispatcher CurrentDispatcher { get; }
member this.CurrentDispatcher : System.Windows.Threading.Dispatcher
Public Shared ReadOnly Property CurrentDispatcher As Dispatcher

속성 값

현재 스레드에 연결된 Dispatcher입니다.The dispatcher associated with the current thread.


경우는 Dispatcher 현재 스레드와 연결 되지 않은 새 Dispatcher 만들어집니다.If a Dispatcher is not associated with the current thread, a new Dispatcher will be created. 이것은 FromThread 메서드의 경우가 아닙니다.This is not the case with the FromThread method. FromThread 돌아갑니다 null 가 없는 경우 지정 된 스레드와 연결 된 디스패처입니다.FromThread will return null if there is not a dispatcher associated with the specified thread.

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