UIElement.TouchesCaptured Property


이 요소에 캡처된 터치 디바이스를 모두 가져옵니다.Gets all touch devices that are captured to this element.

 property System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable<System::Windows::Input::TouchDevice ^> ^ TouchesCaptured { System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable<System::Windows::Input::TouchDevice ^> ^ get(); };
public System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<System.Windows.Input.TouchDevice> TouchesCaptured { get; }
member this.TouchesCaptured : seq<System.Windows.Input.TouchDevice>
Public ReadOnly Property TouchesCaptured As IEnumerable(Of TouchDevice)

Property Value


이 요소에 캡처된 TouchDevice 개체의 열거형입니다.An enumeration of TouchDevice objects that are captured to this element.

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