ActivityExecutionContext.CancelActivity(Activity) 메서드


복합 활동에서 자식 활동의 취소를 예약하기 위해 호출됩니다.Called by a composite activity to schedule the cancellation of a child activity. 워크플로 런타임에서는 Executing 상태가 아닌 자식 활동을 취소할 수 없습니다.The workflow runtime disallows cancellation of a child activity that is not in the Executing state.

 void CancelActivity(System::Workflow::ComponentModel::Activity ^ activity);
public void CancelActivity (System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity activity);
member this.CancelActivity : System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity -> unit

매개 변수


취소된 Activity입니다.The canceled Activity.


activitynull입니다.activity is null.

activityActivityExecutionContext의 올바른 자식이 아닌 경우.activity is not a valid child of the ActivityExecutionContext. 이는 인수가 연결된 Activity와 같거나 인수가 주석 처리된 상태가 아니며 이 Activity와 연결된 ActivityExecutionContext의 자식임을 의미합니다.This means that either the argument is equal to the associated Activity or that the argument is not in the commented state and is a child of the Activity associated with this ActivityExecutionContext.

activityExecuting 상태가 아닌 경우activity is not in the Executing state.

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