ActivityExecutionContext.ExecuteActivity(Activity) 메서드


복합 활동에서 자식 활동의 실행을 예약하기 위해 호출됩니다.Called by a composite activity to schedule the execution of a child activity. 워크플로 런타임에서는 Initialized 상태가 아닌 자식 활동을 실행할 수 없습니다.The workflow runtime disallows execution of a child activity that is not in the initialized state.

 void ExecuteActivity(System::Workflow::ComponentModel::Activity ^ activity);
public void ExecuteActivity (System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity activity);
member this.ExecuteActivity : System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity -> unit

매개 변수


실행된 Activity입니다.The executed Activity.


activity이 null 참조(Visual Basic의 경우 Nothing)인 경우activity is a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).

activityActivityExecutionContext의 올바른 자식이 아닌 경우.activity is not a valid child of the ActivityExecutionContext. 이는 인수가 연결된 Activity와 같거나 인수가 주석 처리된 상태가 아니며 이 Activity와 연결된 ActivityExecutionContext의 자식임을 의미합니다.This means that either the argument is equal to the associated Activity or that the argument is not in the commented state and is a child of the Activity associated with this ActivityExecutionContext.

상태가 Initialized 또는 Closed가 아닌 경우The status is neither initialized nor Closed.


상태가 Closed이면 Activity가 초기화되고 실행됩니다.If the status is Closed, the Activity is initialized and executed.

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