CompositeActivity.OnActivityExecutionContextLoad(IServiceProvider) 메서드


이 활동에 대한 ActivityExecutionContext를 로드할 때마다 워크플로 런타임 엔진에서 호출됩니다.Called by the workflow runtime engine every time the ActivityExecutionContext for this activity is loaded.

protected public:
 override void OnActivityExecutionContextLoad(IServiceProvider ^ provider);
protected internal override void OnActivityExecutionContextLoad (IServiceProvider provider);
override this.OnActivityExecutionContextLoad : IServiceProvider -> unit
Protected Friend Overrides Sub OnActivityExecutionContextLoad (provider As IServiceProvider)

매개 변수


Object를 구현하고 이 인스턴스에 서비스를 제공하는 IServiceProvider입니다.An Object that implements IServiceProvider and provides services to this instance.

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