ReadState 열거형


판독기의 상태를 지정합니다.Specifies the state of the reader.

public enum class ReadState
public enum ReadState
type ReadState = 
Public Enum ReadState


Closed 4

Close() 메서드가 호출되었습니다.The Close() method has been called.

EndOfFile 3

파일 끝에 성공적으로 도달했습니다.The end of the file has been reached successfully.

Error 2

읽기 작업을 계속할 수 없는 오류가 발생했습니다.An error occurred that prevents the read operation from continuing.

Initial 0

Read 메서드가 호출되지 않았습니다.The Read method has not been called.

Interactive 1

Read 메서드가 호출되었습니다.The Read method has been called. 판독기에 메서드가 추가로 호출될 수 있습니다.Additional methods may be called on the reader.

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