XmlDocument.NodeInserted 이벤트


이 문서에 속하는 노드를 다른 노드에 삽입한 경우에 발생합니다.Occurs when a node belonging to this document has been inserted into another node.

 event System::Xml::XmlNodeChangedEventHandler ^ NodeInserted;
public event System.Xml.XmlNodeChangedEventHandler NodeInserted;
member this.NodeInserted : System.Xml.XmlNodeChangedEventHandler 
Public Custom Event NodeInserted As XmlNodeChangedEventHandler 


문서에 삽입 되었는지 여부 또는이 문서에서 만든 모든 노드는이 이벤트에 포함 됩니다.All nodes created by this document, whether or not they have been inserted into the document, are included in this event.

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