GestureState 열거형


제스처의 다양한 상태를 지정하는 열거형입니다.Enumeration specifying the various states of a gesture.

public enum GestureState
type GestureState = 


Began 0

제스처가 시작되었으며 종료, 실패 또는 취소되지 않았습니다.The gesture has begun and has not ended, failed, or been cancelled.

Cancelled 4

제스처가 취소되었습니다.The gesture was cancelled.

Ended 2

제스처가 종료되었습니다.The gesture has ended.

Failed 3

체스처가 인식되지 않았습니다.The gesture was not recognized.

Possible 5

제스처가 진행 중이며 계속 인식될 수 있습니다.The gesture is in progress and may still become recognizable.

Update 1

제스처 상태가 업데이트 중입니다.The gesture state is being updated.

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