IElementConfiguration<TElement>.On<T> 메서드


플랫폼별 메서드를 호출할 수 있는 이 IElementConfiguration<TElement>의 플랫폼별 인스턴스를 반환합니다.Returns the platform-specific instance of this IElementConfiguration<TElement>, on which a platform-specific method may be called.

public Xamarin.Forms.IPlatformElementConfiguration<T,out TElement> On<T> () where T : Xamarin.Forms.IConfigPlatform;
abstract member On : unit -> Xamarin.Forms.IPlatformElementConfiguration<'T, 'Element (requires 'T :> Xamarin.Forms.IConfigPlatform and 'Element :> Xamarin.Forms.Element)> (requires 'T :> Xamarin.Forms.IConfigPlatform)

형식 매개 변수


인스턴스를 반환 하는 플랫폼입니다.The platform for which to return an instance.


적용 대상