Visual Basic 런타임 라이브러리 멤버Visual Basic Runtime Library Members

Microsoft.VisualBasic네임 스페이스에는 Visual Basic 런타임 라이브러리를 구성 하는 클래스, 모듈, 상수 및 열거형이 포함 되어 있습니다.The Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace contains the classes, modules, constants, and enumerations that constitute the Visual Basic runtime library. 이러한 라이브러리 멤버는 코드에서 사용할 수 있는 프로시저, 속성 및 상수 값을 제공 합니다.These library members provide procedures, properties, and constant values you can use in your code. 각 모듈 및 클래스는 특정 기능 범주를 나타냅니다.Each module and class represents a particular category of functionality.

Microsoft.visualbasic 클래스Microsoft.VisualBasic.Collection Class

Add Clear Contains Count
GetEnumerator Item[] Remove

Microsoft.visualbasic. m 클래스Microsoft.VisualBasic.ComClassAttribute Class

ClassID EventID InterfaceID InterfaceShadows

Microsoft.visualbasic 클래스Microsoft.VisualBasic.ControlChars Class

Back Cr CrLf FormFeed
Lf NewLine NullChar Quote
Tab VerticalTab

Microsoft.visualbasic 클래스Microsoft.VisualBasic.Constants Class

vbAbort vbAbortRetryIgnore vbApplicationModal vbArchive
vbArray vbBack vbBinaryCompare vbBoolean
vbByte vbCancel vbCr vbCritical
vbCrLf vbCurrency vbDate vbDecimal
vbDefaultButton1 vbDefaultButton2 vbDefaultButton3 vbDirectory
vbDouble vbEmpty vbExclamation vbFalse
vbFirstFourDays vbFirstFullWeek vbFirstJan1 vbFormFeed
vbFriday vbGeneralDate vbGet vbHidden
vbHide vbHiragana vbIgnore vbInformation
vbInteger vbKatakana vbLet vbLf
vbLinguisticCasing vbLong vbLongDate vbLongTime
vbLowerCase vbMaximizedFocus vbMethod vbMinimizedFocus
vbMinimizedNoFocus vbMonday vbMsgBoxHelp vbMsgBoxRight
vbMsgBoxRtlReading vbMsgBoxSetForeground vbNarrow vbNewLine
vbNo vbNormal vbNormalFocus vbNormalNoFocus
vbNull vbNullChar vbNullString vbObject
vbObjectError vbOK vbOKCancel vbOKOnly
vbProperCase vbQuestion vbReadOnly vbRetry
vbRetryCancel vbSaturday vbSet vbShortDate
vbShortTime vbSimplifiedChinese vbSingle vbString
vbSunday vbSystem vbSystemModal vbTab
vbTextCompare vbThursday vbTraditionalChinese vbTrue
vbTuesday vbUpperCase vbUseDefault vbUserDefinedType
vbUseSystem vbUseSystemDayOfWeek vbVariant vbVerticalTab
vbVolume vbWednesday vbWide vbYes
vbYesNo vbYesNoCancel

Microsoft.visualbasic 모듈Microsoft.VisualBasic.Conversion Module

ErrorToString Fix Hex Int
Oct Str Val

Microsoft.visualbasic. DateAndTime 모듈Microsoft.VisualBasic.DateAndTime Module

DateAdd DateDiff DatePart DateSerial
DateString DateValue Day Hour
Minute Month MonthName Now
Second TimeOfDay Timer TimeSerial
TimeString TimeValue Today Weekday
WeekdayName Year

Microsoft.visualbasic. ErrObject 클래스Microsoft.VisualBasic.ErrObject Class

Clear Description Erl GetException
HelpContext HelpFile LastDllError Number
Raise Raise

Microsoft.visualbasic 모듈Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileSystem Module

ChDir ChDrive CurDir Dir
EOF FileAttr FileClose FileCopy
FileDateTime FileGet FileGetObject FileLen
FileOpen FilePut FilePutObject FileWidth
FreeFile GetAttr Input InputString
Kill LineInput Loc Lock
LOF MkDir Print PrintLine
Rename Reset RmDir Seek
SetAttr SPC TAB Unlock
Write WriteLine

Microsoft.visualbasic 모듈Microsoft.VisualBasic.Financial Module

PPmt PV Rate SLN

Microsoft.visualbasic 모듈Microsoft.VisualBasic.Globals Module

ScriptEngine ScriptEngineBuildVersion ScriptEngineMajorVersion ScriptEngineMinorVersion

Microsoft.visualbasic. HideModuleNameAttribute 클래스Microsoft.VisualBasic.HideModuleNameAttribute Class


Microsoft.visualbasic 모듈Microsoft.VisualBasic.Information Module

Erl Err IsArray IsDate
IsDBNull IsError IsNothing IsNumeric
IsReference LBound QBColor RGB
SystemTypeName TypeName UBound VarType

Microsoft.visualbasic 모듈Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction Module

AppActivate Beep CallByName Choose
Command CreateObject DeleteSetting Environ
GetAllSettings GetObject GetSetting IIf
InputBox MsgBox Partition SaveSetting
Shell Switch

Microsoft.visualbasic. MyGroupCollectionAttribute 클래스Microsoft.VisualBasic.MyGroupCollectionAttribute Class

CreateMethod DefaultInstanceAlias DisposeMethod MyGroupName

Microsoft.visualbasic 모듈Microsoft.VisualBasic.Strings Module

Asc Asc Chr ChrW
Filter Format FormatCurrency FormatDateTime
FormatNumber FormatPercent GetChar InStr
InStrRev Join LCase Left
Len LSet LTrim Mid
Replace Right RSet RTrim
Space Split StrComp StrConv
StrDup StrReverse Trim UCase

Microsoft.visualbasic. VBFixedArrayAttribute 클래스Microsoft.VisualBasic.VBFixedArrayAttribute Class

Bounds Length

Microsoft.visualbasic. VBFixedStringAttribute 클래스Microsoft.VisualBasic.VBFixedStringAttribute Class


Microsoft.visualbasic 모듈Microsoft.VisualBasic.VbMath Module

Randomize Rnd

Microsoft.visualbasic 상수 및 열거형Microsoft.VisualBasic Constants and Enumerations

Microsoft.VisualBasic네임 스페이스는 Visual Basic 런타임 라이브러리의 일부로 상수 및 열거형을 제공 합니다.The Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace provides constants and enumerations as part of the Visual Basic run-time library. 코드에서 이러한 상수 값을 사용할 수 있습니다.You can use these constant values in your code. 각 열거형은 특정 기능 범주를 나타냅니다.Each enumeration represents a particular category of functionality. 자세한 내용은 상수 및 열거형을 참조 하세요.For more information, see Constants and Enumerations.

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