Who uses Product Insights?

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

With Product Insights, processes that are traditionally slow and reactive, driven by manual customer feedback, become fast and proactive—powered by automated observational data from the product itself.

At Microsoft, products and services like Xbox, Skype, Office, and Bing use Product Insights to transform business processes.

Product Insights enable the following scenarios for businesses:

  1. Proactive repair: Improve your ability to rapidly identify top problems in your product or service, and prioritize repairs or design fixes using telemetry. Diagnose issues in the field, verify repairs, and drive proactive maintenance.

  2. Continuous improvement: Measure quality and customer experience, identify improvements, gauge which customers would benefit, and prioritize improvements accordingly. Over time, teams also build intuition about their customers and products.

  3. Product planning: Use data to inform planning of new releases, as well as new products and services. Identify unmet needs, model the benefits of proposed projects, analyze ROI, and engage prospective customers for ideas and feedback.

  4. Usage growth: Discover which features create excitement and drive user retention, as well as what causes churn in new or existing users. Optimize conversion rates, streamline user flows, and reach out to customers at risk of churn.