Microsoft Teams PowerShell 릴리스 정보Microsoft Teams PowerShell Release Notes

이 페이지에서는 일반 공급 및 공개 미리 보기 릴리스에 대한 최신 Teams PowerShell 변경 로그를 제공합니다.This page provides the latest Teams PowerShell change log for both General Availability and Public Preview releases.

릴리스 정보Release Notes


아래 버전 열의 -preview는 Teams PowerShell 공개 미리 보기에 대한 업데이트를 나타내는 것입니다.-preview in the version column below represents updates to Teams PowerShell public preview.

날짜Date 버전Version 업데이트Updates
2020년 11월November 2020 1.1.7-preview1.1.7-preview
  • 인증 및 권한 부여에 MSAL & 사용Uses MSAL for authentication & authorization
  • 리플로터된 정책 패키지 cmdlet 및 그룹 패키지 할당 추가Refactored Policy Package cmdlets and adds group package assignment
  • 비동기 모델을 사용하기 위한 리포지터링된 대상 계층 구조 업로드 명령Refactored targeting hierarchy upload commands to use an asynchronous model
  • -credential 매개 변수를 사용하지 않을 때 초기 인증 중에 사용자에게 두 번 메시지가 표시될 수 있습니다.User will be prompted twice during initial authentication when they do not use the -credential parameter. 사용자는 중복 프롬프트를 방지하기 위해 -credential 매개 변수를 사용하여 자격 증명을 전달할 수 있습니다.Users can pass credentials using the -credential parameter to avoid a duplicate prompt. 이 동작은 다음 릴리스에서 수정될 것입니다.This behavior will be fixed in the next release.
  • 2020년 9월September 2020
  • 비즈니스용 Skype Online Connector 통합Skype for Business Online Connector integration
  • 2020년 9월September 2020 1.1.5-preview1.1.5-preview
  • 비즈니스용 Skype Online Connector 통합Skype for Business Online Connector integration
  • 2020년 7월July 2020
  • 그룹 정책 할당 cmdlet 추가Added group policy assignment cmdlets
  • 2020년 6월June 2020 1.1.3-preview1.1.3-preview
  • 비즈니스용 Skype Online Connector 통합Skype for Business Online Connector integration
  • Get-Team 최적화Get-Team optimizations
  • 향상된 안정성Enhanced reliability
  • 2020년 6월June 2020
  • Cmdlet 미리 로드 추가Added Cmdlet preloading
  • .Net Framework 최적화.Net Framework optimizations
  • 2020년 4월April 2020
  • Authenticode 및 어셈블리 서명Authenticode and assembly signing
  • 추가된 Get-CsPolicyPackageAdded Get-CsPolicyPackage
  • 추가된 Get-CsUserPolicyPackageAdded Get-CsUserPolicyPackage
  • 추가된 Get-CsUserPolicyPackageRecommendationAdded Get-CsUserPolicyPackageRecommendation
  • 추가된 Grant-CsUserPolicyPackageAdded Grant-CsUserPolicyPackage
  • 추가된 New-CsBatchPolicyPackageAssignmentOperationAdded New-CsBatchPolicyPackageAssignmentOperation
  • 추가된 Set-TeamArchivedStateAdded Set-TeamArchivedState
  • 추가된 Set-TeamPictureAdded Set-TeamPicture
  • 제거된 Get-TeamHelpRemoved Get-TeamHelp
  • 2020년 3월March 2020
  • 추가된 New-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperationAdded New-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperation
  • 2020년 2월Feb 2020
  • Get-Team 최적화Get-Team optimizations
  • Cmdlet 가용성Cmdlet availability


    아래 표의 목록에는 Teams PowerShell 모듈에 기본적으로 포함된 cmdlet만 포함됩니다.The list in the table below only includes cmdlets that are natively part of the Teams PowerShell module. Sype for Business Online Connector 모듈의 Teams cmdlet은 표시되지 않습니다.The Teams cmdlets in the Skype for Business Online Connector module are not displayed. 그러나 이러한 cmdlet은 기본적으로 Teams PowerShell로 마이그레이션될 때 이 테이블에 추가합니다.However, as those cmdlets are migrated natively into Teams PowerShell, we'll add them to this table.

    CmdletCmdlet 공개 미리 보기에서 사용 가능Available in Public Preview GA에서 사용 가능Available in GA
    Add-TeamChannelUserAdd-TeamChannelUser Yes 아니요No
    Add-TeamUserAdd-TeamUser Yes Yes
    Add-TeamsAppInstallationAdd-TeamsAppInstallation Yes 아니요No
    Connect-MicrosoftTeamsConnect-MicrosoftTeams Yes Yes
    Disconnect-MicrosoftTeamsDisconnect-MicrosoftTeams Yes Yes
    Get-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperationGet-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperation Yes Yes
    Get-CsGroupPolicyAssignmentOperationGet-CsGroupPolicyAssignmentOperation Yes 아니요No
    Get-CsOnlinePowerShellEndpointGet-CsOnlinePowerShellEndpoint Yes Yes
    Get-CsPolicyPackageGet-CsPolicyPackage Yes Yes
    Get-CsUserPolicyAssignmentGet-CsUserPolicyAssignment Yes Yes
    Get-CsUserPolicyPackageGet-CsUserPolicyPackage Yes Yes
    Get-CsUserPolicyPackageRecommendationGet-CsUserPolicyPackageRecommendation Yes Yes
    Get-TeamGet-Team Yes Yes
    Get-TeamChannelGet-TeamChannel Yes Yes
    Get-TeamChannelUserGet-TeamChannelUser Yes 아니요No
    Get-TeamUserGet-TeamUser Yes Yes
    Get-TeamsAppGet-TeamsApp Yes Yes
    Get-TeamsAppInstallationGet-TeamsAppInstallation Yes 아니요No
    Grant-CsUserPolicyPackageGrant-CsUserPolicyPackage Yes Yes
    New-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperationNew-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperation Yes Yes
    New-CsGroupPolicyAssignmentNew-CsGroupPolicyAssignment Yes Yes
    New-CsBatchPolicyPackageAssignmentOperationNew-CsBatchPolicyPackageAssignmentOperation Yes Yes
    New-CsOnlineSessionNew-CsOnlineSession Yes Yes
    New-TeamNew-Team Yes Yes
    New-TeamChannelNew-TeamChannel Yes Yes
    New-TeamsAppNew-TeamsApp Yes Yes
    Remove-CsGroupPolicyAssignmentRemove-CsGroupPolicyAssignment Yes Yes
    팀 제거Remove-Team Yes Yes
    Remove-TeamChannelRemove-TeamChannel Yes Yes
    Remove-TeamChannelUserRemove-TeamChannelUser Yes 아니요No
    Remove-TeamsAppRemove-TeamsApp Yes Yes
    Remove-TeamsAppInstallationRemove-TeamsAppInstallation Yes 아니요No
    Remove-TeamTargetingHierarchyRemove-TeamTargetingHierarchy Yes 아니요No
    Remove-TeamUserRemove-TeamUser Yes Yes
    Set-CsGroupPolicyAssignmentSet-CsGroupPolicyAssignment Yes 아니요No
    Set-TeamSet-Team Yes Yes
    Set-TeamArchivedStateSet-TeamArchivedState Yes Yes
    Set-TeamChannelSet-TeamChannel Yes Yes
    Set-TeamPictureSet-TeamPicture Yes Yes
    Set-TeamsAppSet-TeamsApp Yes Yes
    Set-TeamTargetingHierarchySet-TeamTargetingHierarchy Yes 아니요No
    Update-TeamsAppInstallationUpdate-TeamsAppInstallation Yes 아니요No

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