SQL Server 2005 – Service Broker

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Broker helps developers build scalable, secure database applications. This new technology, a part of the Database Engine, provides a message-based communication platform that enables independent application components to perform as a functioning whole. Service Broker includes infrastructure for asynchronous programming that can be used for applications within a single database or a single instance as well as for distributed applications.

Service Broker InfoCenters

InfoCenters are navigation topics in the SQL Server 2005 Books Online that link to the information that is most important for people working with Service Broker in different roles.

Getting Started

Find Service Broker overviews, system requirements, installation instructions, and more.

Planning and Architecture

Learn more about the Service Broker architecture and plan to use it to implement asynchronous messaging for applications.


Find the information developers require to build asynchronous message queues using Service Broker, and enabling their applications to use the Service Broker messaging services.


Plan for the deployment of your SQL Server 2005 databases and messaging applications.

Security and Protection

Help protect your Service Broker applications from malicious attacks and improve the security of your messaging systems.


Learn about SQL Server 2005 Service Broker administration and operations tasks such as backup/restore, managing message queues, message routing, and monitoring for performance and system heath.

Technical Reference

Find the tools, language, and administration programming reference documentation for SQL Server 2005 Service Broker.