IBusinessLogicResolver.InvokeUpdateDeleteConflictHandler 메서드

이 API는 SQL Server 2012 인프라를 지원하기 위한 것으로 코드에서 직접 사용할 수 없습니다.

Invokes a handler when UPDATE statements conflict with DELETE statements at the source and at the destination.

네임스페이스:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.BusinessLogicSupport
어셈블리:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.BusinessLogicSupport(Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.BusinessLogicSupport.dll)


Public MustOverride Function InvokeUpdateDeleteConflictHandler ( _
    currentChangeState As ChangeStates, _
    methodName As String, _
    sourceIdentifier As SourceIdentifier, _
    sourceDataSet As DataSet, _
    destinationDataSet As DataSet, _
    ByRef customDataSet As DataSet, _
    downloadPhase As Boolean, _
    ByRef logConflictType As ConflictLogType, _
    ByRef conflictLogMessage As String, _
    ByRef logLevel As Integer, _
    ByRef logMessage As String _
) As ActionOnUpdateDeleteConflict
‘사용 방법
Dim instance As IBusinessLogicResolver 
Dim currentChangeState As ChangeStates 
Dim methodName As String 
Dim sourceIdentifier As SourceIdentifier 
Dim sourceDataSet As DataSet 
Dim destinationDataSet As DataSet 
Dim customDataSet As DataSet 
Dim downloadPhase As Boolean 
Dim logConflictType As ConflictLogType 
Dim conflictLogMessage As String 
Dim logLevel As Integer 
Dim logMessage As String 
Dim returnValue As ActionOnUpdateDeleteConflict 

returnValue = instance.InvokeUpdateDeleteConflictHandler(currentChangeState, _
    methodName, sourceIdentifier, sourceDataSet, _
    destinationDataSet, customDataSet, _
    downloadPhase, logConflictType, _
    conflictLogMessage, logLevel, logMessage)
public abstract ActionOnUpdateDeleteConflict InvokeUpdateDeleteConflictHandler(
    ChangeStates currentChangeState,
    string methodName,
    SourceIdentifier sourceIdentifier,
    DataSet sourceDataSet,
    DataSet destinationDataSet,
    ref DataSet customDataSet,
    bool downloadPhase,
    ref ConflictLogType logConflictType,
    ref string conflictLogMessage,
    ref int logLevel,
    ref string logMessage
virtual ActionOnUpdateDeleteConflict InvokeUpdateDeleteConflictHandler(
    ChangeStates currentChangeState, 
    String^ methodName, 
    SourceIdentifier sourceIdentifier, 
    DataSet^ sourceDataSet, 
    DataSet^ destinationDataSet, 
    DataSet^% customDataSet, 
    bool downloadPhase, 
    ConflictLogType% logConflictType, 
    String^% conflictLogMessage, 
    int% logLevel, 
    String^% logMessage
) abstract
abstract InvokeUpdateDeleteConflictHandler : 
        currentChangeState:ChangeStates * 
        methodName:string * 
        sourceIdentifier:SourceIdentifier * 
        sourceDataSet:DataSet * 
        destinationDataSet:DataSet * 
        customDataSet:DataSet byref * 
        downloadPhase:bool * 
        logConflictType:ConflictLogType byref * 
        conflictLogMessage:string byref * 
        logLevel:int byref * 
        logMessage:string byref -> ActionOnUpdateDeleteConflict
public abstract function InvokeUpdateDeleteConflictHandler(
    currentChangeState : ChangeStates, 
    methodName : String, 
    sourceIdentifier : SourceIdentifier, 
    sourceDataSet : DataSet, 
    destinationDataSet : DataSet, 
    customDataSet : DataSet, 
    downloadPhase : boolean, 
    logConflictType : ConflictLogType, 
    conflictLogMessage : String, 
    logLevel : int, 
    logMessage : String
) : ActionOnUpdateDeleteConflict

매개 변수

  • customDataSet
    유형: System.Data.DataSet%
    Data set implemented by the custom business logic.
  • downloadPhase
    유형: System.Boolean
    Specifies whether the phase about to begin is an upload or download.
  • conflictLogMessage
    유형: System.String%
    The conflict log message.

반환 값

유형: Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.BusinessLogicSupport.ActionOnUpdateDeleteConflict
The ActionOnUpdateDeleteConflict action that will be taken by the process after the custom business logic handler has executed.

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