ReportingService2005.GetSystemProperties 메서드

Returns the value of one or more system properties.

네임스페이스:  ReportService2005
어셈블리:  ReportService2005(ReportService2005.dll)


Public Function GetSystemProperties ( _
    Properties As Property() _
) As Property()
‘사용 방법
Dim instance As ReportingService2005 
Dim Properties As Property()
Dim returnValue As Property()

returnValue = instance.GetSystemProperties(Properties)
public Property[] GetSystemProperties(
    Property[] Properties
array<Property^>^ GetSystemProperties(
    array<Property^>^ Properties
member GetSystemProperties : 
        Properties:Property[] -> Property[] 
public function GetSystemProperties(
    Properties : Property[]
) : Property[]

매개 변수

반환 값

유형: array<ReportService2005.Property[]
An array of Property objects that contains the value of one or more system properties.


The table below shows header and permissions information on this operation.

SOAP Headers

(Out) ServerInfoHeaderValue

Required Permissions

ReadSystemProperties for all properties in the Properties array.

Use the GetSystemProperties method to retrieve the complete set of user-defined and reserved system properties. For a list of the reserved, system properties in the report server database, see 보고서 서버 시스템 속성.

If the Properties parameter is nullnull 참조(Visual Basic에서는 Nothing) (Nothing in Visual Basic), the GetSystemProperties method returns all system properties that you have the permission to view.

If a requested property is not found, no error is returned. The property is returned with no value.

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